About Us

Lahire & Partners International is a consultancy firm specialising in Executive Search for Senior Executives and Rare Profiles.

Thanks to the extensive experience of its founding partners, Lahire & Partners International is able to offer an alternative solution to traditional Human Resource consultancy service-providers.

Why choose a "small specialised structure" for your search assignments ?

Our size is indisputably one of our key advantages.

Since we work with a limited number of clients, we are free to search wherever we wish, without the "off-limits" constraints that bind larger firms.

Working in real partnership with your Management Board, Lahire & Partners International integrates the company's strategic challenges and pledges to deliver outstanding performance in terms of Confidentiality, Guidance, Effectiveness and Results.


Présentation Lahire & Partners International

Confidentiality, Guidance, Effectiveness and Results.

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About Us

In parallel, we forge close relationships with our candidates, providing them with objective advice and guidance on their future career decisions, ensuring they experience the change in position as a success and a source of complete professional, personal and financial satisfaction.

At the heart of Lahire & Partners International is our strong desire to establish loyal and durable relationships with our clients.

By working together in the long term, we will progressively build up efficient and united senior-level management teams in your company to enhance your competitiveness.

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About Us

Raphaël Pinlou, CEO: « Before co-founding Lahire & Partners International, I worked for sevral French and Anglo-Saxon Executive Search firms. Through these experiences, I have developed a professional and rigorous approach to Executive Search, reconciling the French and Anglo-Saxon styles to offer bespoke advisory and consultancy services for your national and international searches.

I also worked as Sales & Marketing Manager for major international groups (in Services and Industries).

As a graduate from ESSEC (human resources), I am closely involved in a range of strategic HR discussions and Digital topics.

I am also an ICF Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) at PCC level. ».


Raphaël Pinlou

« Get in touch and we can meet

to discuss your upcoming Executive Search assignments and develop your company's human capital together».»

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Executive Search

Are you looking for a senior-level executive?
Or for someone with a rare profile, proving difficult to find?

On your behalf, we search for the highest potentials both nationally and internationally, using exclusively Executive Search methods and maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

Our key sectors of expertise and intervention :

Corporate services
Consumer products and retail
Real estate
Energy and sustainable development


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Executive Search

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Define the profile

Identify the key responsibilities in the position, the challenges and objectives for the future employee

Define internal and external organisation precisely

List the attractions of the company and position

Describe the company culture

Create the search strategy

Draw up a list of target companies in France and abroad

Identify potential candidates within other organisations

Approach candidates directly in target companies

Conduct telephone interviews for in-depth assessment

Set up face-to-face interviews with candidates preselected by phone

Hold face-to-face interviews with candidates to validate whether they match the professional and cultural elements defined for the target profile

Propose an initial and anonymous short-list to the client, with candidates' approval

Validate the definitive short-list proposed to the company

Send CVs/resumes and interview reports to the company

Set up interviews between candidates and the company

Follow up professional references, with candidates' approval

Provide assistance and advice for both the client and candidates during the different interviews phases

Provide advice on selecting the final candidate

Offer guidance concerning compensation and drawing up the contract

Letter of intent sent by the client

Regularly contact the client and new hire to check how he/she is fitting in with the new company

Define areas for improvement and offer advice to help the new employee create value

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Executive Search

Together we build up the optimum profile for recruitment, keeping in mind the impact that your new employees may have on the economic, organisational, financial, human and social challenges in your company.


A clear view, a constant support

Our objective is to present you with future employees who are able to generate added value in the long term.

This is why we systematically strive to provide you with precise advice, a clear view of the market and constant support as you prepare the definition of target profiles.

Our aim is to enable you to welcome new employees coming from different and complementary market sectors, who can respond to your demands and challenges as you prepare the definition of target profiles.

Services of the highest standard

We also pledge to provide total transparency on Executive Search assignments.

Lahire & Partners International will always work with a limited number of assignments, in order to deliver services services of highest standard at all times.

Our commitment to total transparency is also evident as we provide detailed, objective and reliable search progress reports to you on a regular basis.

A successfull integration

Caring about our candidates' future and professional success, we are attentive to the position's "intangible" aspects and the culture of the company assigning the search.

This enables us to verify that, in addition to possessing the right professional skills, the future employee will integrate perfectly and perform successfully as his/her personal values, behaviour and personality match those of the company.

Clients & Candidates

We listen carefully to all your projects, whether you are looking for a reliable partner in Executive Search or a senior executive looking for opportunities

Prospective Clients
Would you like to assign an Executive Search to Lahire & Partners International or meet us to find out more about our methodology and expertise?
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Senior Executive
Are you interested in new opportunities, or would like to discuss your professional future with Lahire & Partners International ?
You can contact us and send us your CV/resume by clicking on this link :

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If you would like to contact Lahire & Partners International, meet us or receive more information about our organisation, please write to us at the following address :



Lahire & Partners International is always open to new contacts and working collaboratively with different partners from outside the profession and is proud to support and present the EPH: ESSEC Humanitary Partnership

The association : the EPH association was created in 1990 by ESSEC students in order to promote education in Burkina Faso, with particular focus on schools in the bush. It has developed a network of over 90 schools throughout the country.
EPH also conducts several "key projects": the installation of solar panels and irrigation systems for schools.

How you can help this association : EPH is recognised as a non-profit organisation and is authorised to issue receipts for income tax purposes. This means you can now benefit from a 66% tax reduction for any donations made. Please contact the association at the following address:


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